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      作者:不锈钢旗杆定做   时间:2019/8/19 10:50:17

    • 「不锈钢旗杆」锥型旗杆的材质和生产工艺

      Material and Production Technology of "Stainless Steel Flagpole" Conical Flagpole


      With the improvement of people's living standard, the progress of science and technology, and the appearance of advanced flagpole production equipment, the flagpole has been upgraded from wood and iron to stainless steel.




      It is upgraded to stainless steel one-seam conical flagpole, flag 360 degrees windless! At present, the popular flagpole on the market is divided into two types of stainless steel flagpole cone and variable diameter flagpole.


      As the name implies, the conical flagpole is like a cone from bottom to top gradually thinning. The flagpole with variable diameter is composed of conical flagpole with segments.


      The following "stainless steel flagpole" Longsheng flagpole manufacturer will introduce the manufacturing project of stainless steel flagpole (cone).

      第一,首先根据所做旗杆的长度,进行剪板,所选用的不锈钢材质大多是201 304和316三种型号,厚度为2.5mm-10.0mm之间。这个过程需要用到大型的剪板机,剪板的时候只可以稍长一些,不能短了。

      Firstly, according to the length of the flagpole, the cutting board is made. Most of the stainless steel selected are 201 304 and 316 models, and the thickness is between 2.5mm and 10.0mm. This process requires the use of large shears, shears can only be slightly longer, not shorter.


      Cut it into an isosceles trapezoid and roll it up into a cone according to the geometric principle.


      Secondly, it's time to bend and crimp. This step is very critical, and it's likely to be out of shape. The isosceles trapezoidal plate is placed on the bending machine for curling, and the rudiment of stainless steel flagpole is made.


      Thirdly, after making the prototype of flagpole, seamless welding is needed, and argon arc welding technology is needed. Welding must be seamless, burr-free, for the next polishing pad under the foundation.


      Fourth, polishing and polishing. This process requires a professional polishing gauze for polishing and polishing. Equilibrium and continuous grinding should be applied until the welded part is as invisible as the unwelded part. Such a flagpole is basically made.


      Fifth, flagpole fittings; after a flagpole trunk is made, it is necessary to install a flagpole crown at the top and weld a fixing device with screw opening at the bottom for easy fixing. Flange manufacturing is relatively simple, that is, several middle finger thick steel bars are welded into a cuboid to facilitate screw fixation with the bottom of the flagpole.


      In this way, a stainless steel flagpole (conical) is made. The manufacture of variable diameter flagpole is similar to that of conical flagpole, which is welded between several cylindrical flagpoles. The fixture is the same as the cone.

      变径(变节旗杆)则是三根装饰直管,用大小头焊接 表面再处理抛光尼龙绳外拉基本现在很少用了锥形旗杆的创造已经完全替代了它锥形旗杆牢固和美观及各种便利都比较优势 价格方面看变法怎么变 常规变节旗杆比锥形会便宜些。

      Variable diameter flagpole is three decorative straight pipes. Polished nylon rope with welded surface of large and small joints is hardly pulled out by tapered flagpole. Now the creation of tapered flagpole has completely replaced its tapered flagpole, which is firm, beautiful and convenient. In terms of price, it is easier to change conventional flagpole than tapered flagpole. Better.


      Flying the national flag is an obligation that every unit must fulfill. It represents our love for our motherland and obedience to the leadership of the Party. Since the flag is flying, the flagpole is used.


      Now it has developed from traditional wood and iron to stainless steel flagpole. Inland Union will introduce stainless steel flagpole from the following aspects.


      First, the classification of stainless steel flagpole. Generally, it can be divided into variable diameter flagpole, conical flagpole and mobile small flagpole. Variable-diameter flagpole, as its name implies, is made of several sections of stainless steel pipes of different diameters connected by welding technology. This kind of flagpole has been used a lot in the past few years. A conical flagpole has the same shape as a cone. The lower caliber is larger than the upper caliber, which is the current trend of development.




      Second, the production process of stainless steel flagpole. Its process can be roughly divided into shears, bending, welding, polishing, preferably the installation of flagpole accessories. These three flagpole fabrication processes are the same, all need these steps.


      Thirdly, the material of stainless steel flagpole. Speaking of its material, there are many kinds, because there are many types of stainless steel. There are 201, 304, 316 and so on in common use, and their prices vary greatly. The most commonly used materials are 201 and 304. It is mainly classified according to its nickel content.


      Fourth, price calculation of stainless steel flagpole. Stainless steel is quoted in meters. The higher the flagpole, the cheaper the price per meter. In addition, it is related to the type of stainless steel. In the market, 201 and 304 materials are mostly used. The price difference is about 60%.


      These are all the contents of stainless steel flagpole, I hope to help you a little.